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But little by little, I’m getting better at stopping. At resting. And at accepting the grace just to do what I can and know that only God is perfect. Sabbath-keeping [Fasting] is a journey, a process. I’m learning as I go along. Just taking time to wonder why I have to work at resting [fasting] is a huge step. Kent, Keri Wyatt. Rest: Living in Sabbath Simplicity (Kindle Locations 118-120). Zondervan. Kindle Edition. (emphasis mine)

In yesterday’s blog, I “had a little talk with Jesus.”  I was working so hard to get this Fast right that my connection to God was disconnected. This morning I saw this quote during my devotion time. I felt like God heard me and during my quiet time reminded me to be still and listen more; work less.


When I am feeling rushed–listen. When I think I need to be perfect–just listen. In the silence I will know that God is offering me peace and grace; not perfection.

This morning I woke up with more energy. I believe the smoothies during the day are making a difference. I will follow the Daniel Fast all day rather than liquids from 6am to 6pm. I remembered that I am not perfect and I must care for this temple that God has given me.

I have eaten lentils and rice for a week in the evenings. I know, who eats lentils and rice for a week? Someone who cooked a huge pot and lives alone and has to eat it all by herself!!

Frances, who first inspired me to create a Daniel Fast community, cooked a minestrone soupvegetarian-minestrone-soup and loved it. I believe I can eat that for a week. (I don’t get bored easily!!) It has lots of vegetables and beans. She showed me a picture. It looked  delicious and fairly easy.  So, that may be my meal for the next week. If you have a suggestion for a big pot of something that you like, please let me know. I need four new recipes that I can eat for a week. Okay–don’t judge 🙂

Finally, I am more calm this week. If you have been irritable, like me, its normal when our bodies are adjusting to a different diet. I believe we will begin to relax and enjoy this journey. We may make it a lifestyle change. I’m just saying!!! We might become vegetarians 🙂

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you his peace at all times and in every situation. The Lord be with you all. 2 Thessalonians 3:16 NLT

Resources   Wheeler Avenue Baptist has tips for the Daniel Fast as well as recipes for Morning, Noon, and Night–even Snacks  They have a minestrone soup. The parmesan cheese is optional–we can’t eat it anyway. If you are missing something sweet and want to stay on the Fast, this Frozen Banana Bar may get you past your craving. I think I’ll just wait until Sunday 🙂   There are other recipes on this site for salads, soups, and main dishes. More desserts.


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  1. I loved my minestrone soup and was sorry when I finished the pot. I ate it for breakfast and dinner and enjoyed it each time. When I offered my husband to take some for a second time for lunch, he reminded me he had it the day before. I was glad because I thought there will be more for me. He just took an orange and some crackers for lunch. Two hours later he asked me to bring him some of that same soup. I willingly gave him the larger amount of the left over soup without comment. He really appreciated the soup and thanked me! I was pleased.


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