Give Me Strength!!

images-11On the eleventh day of my fast I thought about changing my plan. I thought about eating whatever I want after 6pm, but continuing the Daniel Fast from 6am to 6pm.

As I write this it is after 6pm and I am trying to decide what to eat. I have eaten all my lentils and rice. I have not cooked the minestrone soup yet so I don’t have anything cooked to pull out of the refrigerator. It would be easy to microwave some fish sticks or open a can of sardines or tuna. Or, I could stop by Frenchy’s and get some fried chicken. After all, it is after 6pm and some are doing a partial Daniel Fast.

It is fully within the rules on the Wheeler Avenue website:  . On the website a “third option” is offered which is to join in the Daniel Fast from 6am to 6pm and resume regular eating practices after 6pm–“breaking the fast.” I could switch to that option and still participate in the Fast. Right??!!

Somehow I do not feel switching because it was convenient would help me grow spiritually. I now understand why some of the websites encourage those agreeing to the Daniel Fast to plan their Fast. Planning the Fast begins with deciding on the focus; e.g. if you are going to drink liquids from 6am to 6pm and follow the Daniel Fast after 6pm then that is your focus. If that is your focus than switching to what is easier because your plan is too hard is not allowing the full “spiritual stretching” that comes from disciplined practices. Yep, talking to myself again.

Here is where the “spiritual stretching” comes in. I pray to stay focused on my plan. I pray and breathe. Then, I fix myself a salad. It wasn’t fried chicken, but I can thank God for giving me strength just one more day. images-12Now let me say, even if I did eat that fried chicken leg–hey, I don’t believe Jesus will be mad at me. Jesus loves me, this I know. Period.

I am praying to do the best I can. I will keep doing the best I can, one day at a time. I’m good with that. All is well.

Prayer for Day 11: Loving God, thank you for another day of fasting and stretching spiritually. I know your love is everlasting whether I fast or not. As I fast, I thank you for strength over cravings. Amen.

 Resource   This series is good for thinking about recipes and giving suggestions on healthy ways to maintain the Daniel Fast


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