Yes I Can



imageIt is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. 2 Samuel 22:33

As I said yesterday I am getting up again after I fell off my Daniel fast. I had my taste of New Orleans and it was delicious. :-). But, I want to be able to finish the race. I have not run a perfect race, but I plan to finish.

There are several reasons I want to finish. I offered this Fast to God as my Lenten sacrifice. One of my dinner companions last night did not eat her dessert. We asked why and she said, “if Jesus could die on the cross for me, then I can give up sweets and meat for him. When I tell myself that it becomes easy to avoid this cupcake.” I get that. Fasting is a spiritual discipline.

Staying healthy is another reason I will continue the Daniel Fast. I will continue this Fast and allow it to become a “Daniel Lifestyle.” When I say I have felt better eating vegetables, fruits, beans and peas, and brown rice I am not understating my well-being. I told you I was pain-free until I ate some cookies. Being pain-free is a big motivator. I thought my pain was gone because my shoulder had healed. Nope, my pain was gone because I was eating healthier. I knew I had to make a change when I recognized that after I ate that cookie I had pain within the hour. My health is the second motivator.


Finally, I have had the pleasure of writing this blog. I am having so much fun. It’s a challenging discipline to write everyday for someone besides myself. The Daniel Fast is more meaningful when I can talk about it from my personal experience. I have enjoyed meeting the wonderful women from Detroit who, along with my sisters, are on the New Orleans tour. At dinner last night we began talking about fasting and I signed up two more women for the blog who are considering the Daniel Fast. I am grateful to have fun while offering service.

I’m writing today’s post on the run. I had to think fast, but I do have three actions that I will use to help me make it through to the end of the Fast. (However, I will continue with the Daniel Lifestyle. More about that later!)

Pray: As my sister Ava said yesterday–pray continuously.
Prayer allows us to turn even our smallest concern over to God and then rest in the knowledge God will give us strength to keep going.

Plan: Before I started my day I had to plan what I wouldimageeat today. It helps that yesterday I saw a vegan, organic restaurant in the French Market. I will eat there, buy fruit for later, by then I will be back home and can eat my split pea soup!! Plan your meals.

Persist: Never give up. Keep going. Try, try, try again!! 🙂
God is able. Whatever you must say to yourself, keep saying it. Yes, you can! Get back up again. You get the picture. Become your own cheerleader, find others who will encourage you, post stickers where you can see them that encourage you. You will finish. I believe you can. Keep going!

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for the strength to do hard things. Amen


About Hilda R Davis, Ph.D., LPC

Wellness Counselor, Writing Coach, and Author of "Live Healthy and Be Well: Create an Action Plan," an action book for women seeking health and wholeness in body, mind, and spirit. Live Healthy and Be Well offers a journey to a healthy lifestyle through Biblical stories, journal activities, weekly meditations, and an action plan for a lifestyle of wellness. Please visit my website:

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